Why Kovalev Needs to Go

Alex KovalevThough we managed to play quite badly without him against the Islanders last night, here are a few thoughts on why Kovy needs to find a new home this summer; sorry Alex, it had to be said.

  • Even while I was concerned last night about the effectiveness of the powerplay I was far less nervous breaking out of our own zone knowing that the “artiste” wouldn’t be one-manning it up the middle for yet another classic Kovy giveaway.
  • Though we see the same ugly mistakes from some of our other players, guys like Matt D’Agostini are 20-something kids making $500,000 a year because they are still developing. Kovy is a 36 year old whiner who makes nine times that amount. I can live with Dags making a few bad plays every few games – to watch Kovy do the same every game (along with his undisciplined penalties, ugly retaliations and complete lack of effort) rots me to my core.
  • Talent – Effort = Lots of liabilities and the odd pretty play
  • Kovalev is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the most valuable player on our club. He is always the most talented player on the ice but he is rarely, if ever, my pick as a game-changer at the end of the day. It may not be any other one name consistently but you can bet that it isn’t Kovalev (unless we’re talking about negative game-changers in which case I have a whole cupboard full of trophies for Alex “C Me Or Else” Kovalev).
  • Kovalev played much better last season then this present one but what is the difference-maker between the two seasons? If it’s health and Gainey and company were aware of it before March 4th then they simply needed to add a replacement. If it’s effort (and I think we can all agree that effort plays the largest role) then he needs to be gone. Still, even when Kovy was playing well last year his selfishness continued. How many times does a guy put his own team on the ropes with untimely retaliatory slashes and one-man-team giveaways before we stop kissing his behind?

/end rant :)



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