Types of Habs Fans

Habs LogoThe Habs are playing worse than badly lately and the pressure being put on the team by the fans in the form of booing at games and media pressure is quickly ramping up. I, for one, am sick of people calling the fans who are booing “bad fans” or “bandwagon jumpers”. The way I see it, there are two types of fan where Les Habitants are concerned:

1. Emo Fans: These fans insist that this player or that player is excellent through thick and thin and praises the Canadiens organization for all moves, good and bad. This type of fan can be heard saying things like “I bleed for the Habs” or, following a loss or otherwise negative outcome, “I feel empty inside”. These fans are as unreasonably infatuated with the CH as many preteen girls are with boy bands.

2. Logical Fans: Logical fans make up a minority of Canadiens fans. They can be recognized by their general understanding that, while passion is important and the team has deep meaning for us as fans of the CH, business is business and reality is reality. When logical fans attend a game at the Bell Centre they realize that they pay to be entertained by a strong effort at the very least. Logical fans are more than happy to boo the team following a lackluster performance, just as I’d have words for a chef who served me only 3/4 of my plate. Logical fans can also be easily spotted by their discerning critique of players, plays, coaching stuff, et al.

It’s a business folks – if I keep having to listen to the emo fans tell me that I’m a bad fan for being angry at not receiving the product I was promised by the organization that takes my money so readily – well, there’s nothing I can do but I don’t like it at all!

These guys make bigger dollars then most or all of us could hope for. I handle bigger pressures in my daily life then those guys face on the ice – they’re paid to do a job, they need to do it. I have yet to work in a position where someone wasn’t judging the work I did and that someone is typically the person who pays me. We pay them, gratuitously.

They are mine to boo, and boo I shall.



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