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Montreal Canadiens English

montreal canadiens english

Montreal Canadiens Tickets Get Quick Tickets to the 24 time Stanley Cup Champions Lake

The Montreal Canadiens are Canada in Montreal, Quebec. The association is as Le Club de Hockey Canadien known. The team is also of French name, Les Canadiens, Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, La Sainte-flannels, Le Tricolore, Les Glorioso, Les Habitants and Le Grand Club are known. Your English name is Habs. You are one of the original NHL team and keep the record of winning the Stanley Cup 24 times. The Montreal Canadiens Ticket sales is already on a rise in the coming season. It is advisable for the Montreal fans buy tickets in advance to enjoy the game.

An Ottawa businessman J. Ambrose O'Brien Club de Hockey Canadien was founded in 1909. The first game was played in the NHL in 1910. The Canadiens won their first Stanley Cup in 1916. They defeated the Portland Rosebuds of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. The next four years were a low-lying period for the team. In 1917 they lost the Stanley Cup in Seattle and its star player Joe Hall died this season. In 1924, the Canadiens re-emerged victory over the Calgary Tigers and the Vancouver Maroons. Howie Morenz, Aurel Joliat and Billy Boucher were the stars of the game. The Habs won their third Cup 1930 victory over the Boston Bruins. In 1931, the Habs were just the Ottawa Senators and Chicago Black Hawks win their fourth cup.

1936/37, the Canadiens set the second best record in the NHL. But this season they lost one of their stars. Morenz died at the age of 34 years because of multiple fractures and a stroke on 8 March 1937. In 1944, under the guidance of coach Dick Irvin had the Canadiens in the Cup back to their name. Maurice "Rocket" Richard, Toe Blake and Elmer Lach were The stars of the game. Maurice was taken to 1,000 career penalty minutes in the history of the NHL. Richard scored 50 goals in 50 games in 1945, always the first player to do so in the history the NHL. He was awarded the Hart Memorial Trophy as NHL Most Valuable Player in 1947. In 1946, the Habs won their sixth Stanley Cup.

The 1950s were the Best time for the Canadiens. The entire decade they made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, he won six times. Montreal Canadiens snapped sell tickets with their growing fan club. In 1955 Toe Blake took over the team coach. Legendary players such as Jean BĂ©liveau, Dickie Moore, Doug Harvey, Bernie Geoffrion and Jacques Plante was a part of the team then. The Habs won two cups in succession in the years 1965 and 1966. In 1971 they won another cup victory over the Blackhawks. This season, Ken Dryden was the rookie. The next two decades saw some big victories. In 1993, won her 24th Habs Cup against the Los Angeles Kings.

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Montreal Canadiens Hockey Radio

montreal canadiens hockey radio

Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur – two legends of the Montreal Canadiens

I was born in Montreal, Quebec. Growing up in Quebec, you will experience all four seasons in all its wonderful, unpredictable ways. Winter (all synonymous with Quebec) seems like the longest of all seasons. Winter in Canada is in October and ends in mid-April . Begin As a result, children need to do something to fill this month with a healthy activity. Learning to skate, for most, is the automatic … right after your first steps. I've learned over four years old and skate in my neighborhood, it was like for most children. When we were older (one year later), Most of the boys started playing hockey in the league mites. Soon we were old enough to understand how to play the game … and thanks to our fathers, WATCH the game and the Canadiens on Hockey Night in Canada!

As a child, my first memories of the Canadiens and watch games on TV was the blonde hair (in the 70's and 80's you new hair color of the hockey players helmets were optional), graceful and smooth skating Hab (nickname for the Canadiens, "Les Habitants", which means French settlers), Guy Lafleur. For me it was the Mickey Mantle of hockey. Larger than life, exciting and Canadian French, Guy Lafleur was the pride in one province Quebec, a hero of their own needs in a time of political and social unrest in Canada and Quebec. Guy Lafleur, hockey player, Montreal and Quebec was a sense of Pride. If you speak French or English in Montreal, you had something in common: They loved Guy Lafleur and the Montreal Canadiens. It brought together a lot of us, and regardless of differences. Guy Laleur ended his career with Montreal Canadien his career with 1246 points and 518 goals, including six 50-goal seasons between 1974-1980.

Unfortunately Lafleur "retirement" from the Canadiens at age 33 after his production tailed off in the '80 's and it was assumed that he was too old to play and pulled a young man after much criticism and high expectations by the Canadiens management and fans. "The Flower" would be in the retirement year 1988 and come for a good pension in 1991. Until then, his skills had diminished (along with his hair), but still fans were witness to its past greatness, but only periodically.In my mind, what sends Lafleur in mythical status is not what he accomplished, but what could have been achieved. Lafleur partied and drank so hard how he played, smoked (by some accounts, two packs of cigarettes a day) and was in a drunken car accident that almost took known of his life involved. Although admire I do not take care of an athlete, blessed with gifts that you and I can only dream of having, not even, there is a certain wonder and amazement, what has been achieved, could if care is taken of these talented athletes had off the ice.

When you're young, you think history started in your era. As we get older, we learn that past events and people that exists before us. In my small world to see, at an age and be aware that there are those who in their tracks made us, I discovered that "played The Rocket" Maurice Richard for the Canadiens from 1942 to 1960. He finished his NHL career with 965 points and 544 goals. Richard was the first player to score 50 goals in 50 games and that. In an era when a total of 20 goals was a HUGE goals, "The Rocket" was a pioneer in goals scored, as like Babe Ruth home runs was in baseball. If the parents were talking about his achievements and successes and how he was bigger than life in the hockey world and in Quebec … I said "yes, of course, bigger than" The Flower "and all his popularity," bigger, much bigger than Lafleur, he was the original Superstar. The Babe Ruth of hockey. "What?" Yes … adored by Quebec and fans alike Canadiens, Richard played hockey in an era that radio and Television era bridged.

For the first time hockey fans can watch their heroes on TV and not to shell out money for a ticket in the Montreal Forum. This exposure on television, with the Canadiens to Stanley Cup success, combining "The Rocket" the heart and soul of the team that turned players who previously only heard on the radio or read in the newspapers, could identify someone with a fan. Maurice Richard with his explosive speed, his grit, his toughness and his heart was a role model and a symbol of hope for many Quebecers. Richard, during his NHL career was a victim of many prejudices and stereotypes. French Canadians were a "second citizen" to run in this era of Anglophone seen NHL and Richard fought for equal rights and respect earned with his class, on and off the ice, in a time when French Canadians less money earned and were subject to unspeakable name calling from opposing players and fans alike. Richard, his hockey performance despite breaking the barriers between French and English, east and west of Canada and the NHL "Elite", the ignorant were on diversity and not aware that cultural and linguistic diversity to celebrate something and not to suppress is.

When the Montreal Forum closed in 1996 and moved the Canadiens to the present Bell Centre during the opening ceremonies, when the Habs legends baptized were eager to put the new home, it was Richard that the longest Ovation 16 minutes received. The legend with unwavering eyes of coal called. Fans cried. I think most people who watched on television, said. Of all the memories, the people Richard left from the '40 's to the day when he retired in 1960, the applause in 1996, 36 years after his playing days, enabled the people to feel and to show Richard that we are all together … They felt we never forget .. We have never stopped loving you … You gave us hope … We will never forget!

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Canadiens Hockey Radio

canadiens hockey radio
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