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Bob Gainey Resigns as Habs’ GM

Bob Gainey has officially resigned as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, with the post being given to Pierre Gauthier. Gainey has confirmed that he will remain on staff as a “special advisor” to Gauthier.

Gauthier, 57 (and a vegetarian, I’m pleased to say) has been the Habs’ head of pro scouting since 2003 and assistant general manager since 2006. A native of Montreal, he has previously served as the general manager for both the Ottawa Senators and Anaheim Ducks.

Wow! This announcement comes as a bit of a shock but I guess we all saw it coming. Given the failure of Gainey’s five-year plan, the mess of moves last summer that saw us land small players with big contracts, some of whom are not living up to their potential and the continuing goaltending controversy with his apparent reluctance to bench Carey Price, I hope that Gauthier will bring something different to the table.

So what do you think: big moves before the deadline or will we more-or-less stay put? Does a goaltender get traded soon? Will it be Carey Price? So many questions, so few answers – for now.

Habs Release Medical Report

Habs LogoMontreal Canadiens’ general manager Bob Gainey has released a medical report detailing the condition of several key players, outlined below:

Alex Tanguay, 29, underwent successful arthroscopic shoulder surgery on April 28. Tanguay missed 32 regular season games due to injuries in 2008-09. He was out of the lineup for the last two games of the playoff series against the Boston Bruins due to a shoulder injury.

Sergei Kostitsyn, 22, will undergo arthroscopic shoulder surgery tomorrow. He missed six regular season games due to injuries this season.

Max Pacioretty, 21, underwent successful surgery to repair an abdominal wall muscle tear on April 29. Pacioretty missed all six Bulldogs’ playoff games against the Grand Rapids Griffins.

All Quiet on the Home Front

Bob GaineyThe trade deadline came and went this afternoon without a deal involving the Montreal Canadiens and Bob Gainey gave a press conference following the 3 PM cutoff saying that he has confidence in the team he has on the ice now.

“We have a number of players who have been a little below their potential this year for different reasons. This is the time for them to prove me right from last summer or this season, and for our coaches to take the players they have and squeeze as much or more out of this team than we’ve seen to this point.”

I personally think a solid d-man and a big centre were necessary, especially given the baggage we could ship – Laraque, Higgins, Dandy, Hamrlik, Komisarek, etc. That’s not to say that we should give away the farm but I do think that’s it clear that the current roster does not add up to Cup contention.

Gainey Gives Kovy the Boot

Alex KovalevBob Gainey announced yesterday that the struggling Alex Kovalev will be staying home while the Habs travel to Washington and Pittsburgh before returning home for Saturday’s game against the Ottawa Senators. Gainey released the info at a press conference; there has been no public word from Kovalev and likely won’t be.

So what does this mean for Kovy? I’m personally hoping that Gainey is and has shopped him and that we will not see him in a red, blue and white sweater again. He’s a great player but he’s got a horrible attitude and he has yet to be a formidable presence on the team this year. The real question is: who wants him? I’d guess he would be a difficult player to trade given all the trouble with him this year.

Here’s hoping!

Habs Need “Impact Player”

As the GM’s meetings in Florida continue and the February 26th trade deadline looms, there is tons of speculation as to who exactly the Canadiens are potentially interested in. Habs GM Bob Gainey has stated that he is interested only in an “impact player”, i.e. a big, strong player who can play the body and score goals. “We have flexibility,” he told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. “We have players young enough that they can go back and forth from the AHL to the NHL, so we’d be looking at the opportunity for a specific player, whether that comes by or not.”

Names like Alex Tanguay and Marian Hossa keep coming up but with the hot play of late, do the Canadiens really need a trade at all? The team, especially with it’s amazing 6-5 come-from-behind victory over New York Tuesday night, is looking more and more like it may have a fair shot at the Cup as is.

GMs are fond of 11th hour trades, so don’t hold out for news until after the weekend.

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