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Game 7: Senators 3 – Canadiens 1

The Sens celebrate a goal while Price looks onAlex Kovalev, the Canadiens’ former floating Russian, made his return to the Bell Centre last night and notched a goal and an assist to help lift his Ottawa Senators over the Habs. The loss marks the fifth straight for the struggling Habs.

Montreal blew a 5-on-3 in the first period before giving up a pair of goals on two 5-on-3 opportunities they handed Ottawa in the second. The crowd came out with the boos for the home team before giving Kovalev a standing ovation following his goal; bad times, to say the least.

Forgive the lack of analysis and witty banter, I’m in the middle of a very busy couple of weeks and will return in full-force to HabsFeed for Thursday’s game against the Islanders!

Kovalev Signs With Ottawa

It’s official: Alex Kovalev has signed a two year deal with the Ottawa Senators at $5 million per year. Neither the team nor Kovalev himself (who is reportedly in Russia) have commented but it looks like another rivalry just heated up for next season.

Komi to Toronto, Kovy to Ottawa – what’s next, Koivu in Boston?

Alex Kovalev Will Not Return to Habs

Alex KovalevBob Gainey confirmed in a radio interview this afternoon that on-again off-again star Alex Kovalev would not be returning to the Canadiens for the 2009-2010 season. The news comes only two days after a small rally that saw about 250 people call for Kovy’s return in a small demonstration at the Bell Centre.

“I think that Alex has really left a mark on people and the hockey fans in Montreal and the fact that he won’t be returning with our team is a difficult and emotional separation for them,” the Habs GM said.

I’m a bit torn about this decision. For the most part of last season I was not a fan of Kovalev’s and, if Koivu had of stayed on, I would be quick to applaud leaving him behind. As it stands, though, we’ve lost Koivu and Kovalev suddenly represented something nostalgic and steadfast about the Habs’ team that I’ve loved these past few years. With so many new faces it would have been nice to see someone on the ice that I recognize who plays above the third line.

On the other hand, Alex Kovalev was not a team player, was a huge liability on the ice and his magic hands were constantly out-shone by his selfish play and frustrating penalties. I wish him well and have fond memories but, in the end, I have to admit that I’m happy to see him go.

Give the “C” to Markov!

Why Kovalev Needs to Go

Alex KovalevThough we managed to play quite badly without him against the Islanders last night, here are a few thoughts on why Kovy needs to find a new home this summer; sorry Alex, it had to be said.

  • Even while I was concerned last night about the effectiveness of the powerplay I was far less nervous breaking out of our own zone knowing that the “artiste” wouldn’t be one-manning it up the middle for yet another classic Kovy giveaway.
  • Though we see the same ugly mistakes from some of our other players, guys like Matt D’Agostini are 20-something kids making $500,000 a year because they are still developing. Kovy is a 36 year old whiner who makes nine times that amount. I can live with Dags making a few bad plays every few games – to watch Kovy do the same every game (along with his undisciplined penalties, ugly retaliations and complete lack of effort) rots me to my core.
  • Talent – Effort = Lots of liabilities and the odd pretty play
  • Kovalev is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the most valuable player on our club. He is always the most talented player on the ice but he is rarely, if ever, my pick as a game-changer at the end of the day. It may not be any other one name consistently but you can bet that it isn’t Kovalev (unless we’re talking about negative game-changers in which case I have a whole cupboard full of trophies for Alex “C Me Or Else” Kovalev).
  • Kovalev played much better last season then this present one but what is the difference-maker between the two seasons? If it’s health and Gainey and company were aware of it before March 4th then they simply needed to add a replacement. If it’s effort (and I think we can all agree that effort plays the largest role) then he needs to be gone. Still, even when Kovy was playing well last year his selfishness continued. How many times does a guy put his own team on the ropes with untimely retaliatory slashes and one-man-team giveaways before we stop kissing his behind?

/end rant :)

TSN Declares Kovy Innocent

Darren DregerTSN’s Darren Dreger reported last night that he had been in direct contact with Alex Kovalev and that the stories that the Russian media had printed with quotes from Kovy declaring that he would not play another game for Montreal, among other things, are false. According to quotes from both Kovalev and Bob Gainey AK27 will return to action Saturday night against Ottawa.

Kovalev Running His Mouth?

Alex KovalevAfter Bob Gainey asked left Alex Kovalev home for the Habs coming two game road trip the former superstar has apparently spoken to Russian reporters and aired out some of the Canadiens’ dirty laundry. RDS is offering the report. Kovalev is quoted as saying that he doesn’t expect to don the red, blue and white again and that he does expect a trade soon. He also noted that the Canadiens’ troubles are far deeper then the fans know.

It should be noted that none of this is official and it’s hard to tell exactly what Kovy is saying. If this is all true and he’s flapping his face about the same organization that pays him $5 million per year to do and say what is in the best interest of the club then he should be immediately turfed. He’s a selfish has-been and no longer has a place on this team.

If, on the other hand, these reports are stretching things then shame on the media for selling Kovy out like this. I’d personally like to see him gone one way or the other for his lackluster play and shitty attitude but this is on a whole other level and is very unfair if not true.

More on this as the details reveal themselves!

Gainey Gives Kovy the Boot

Alex KovalevBob Gainey announced yesterday that the struggling Alex Kovalev will be staying home while the Habs travel to Washington and Pittsburgh before returning home for Saturday’s game against the Ottawa Senators. Gainey released the info at a press conference; there has been no public word from Kovalev and likely won’t be.

So what does this mean for Kovy? I’m personally hoping that Gainey is and has shopped him and that we will not see him in a red, blue and white sweater again. He’s a great player but he’s got a horrible attitude and he has yet to be a formidable presence on the team this year. The real question is: who wants him? I’d guess he would be a difficult player to trade given all the trouble with him this year.

Here’s hoping!

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