Montreal Canadiens Yahoo Sports

montreal canadiens yahoo sports
How can I get the Montreal Canadiens hockey game tonight online ??????

It says Scoreboard Clock live at the Yahoo Sports, but can I trust in that? Someone let me know how can I see this game ?!?!?!

There are Internet audio feeds of the game, and maybe there low-quality streaming video feeds. I can not bear it any sport watched on the net with the low quality feeds, personally. The best thing to do is when you watch the game but not a TV game is to wait until tomorrow. Until then, it is almost certain to go to very good quality on CIForums (cent erice Forum will be uploaded). You can find the "torrent" file for the game. Then you use a BitTorrent client to open the stream. Within a few hours, Of course, depending on your connection, you can see a good repetition of the game. Note: I just checked the CI site and they have temporarily closed public registry. If you are interested and do not care about you seeing the game a day late, I can give you a private invite to join so that you can.

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