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montreal canadiens players

Randy Tieman and Montreal Canadien fans Pathologically Optimistic

Randy Tieman, sports reporter at CTV Television in Montreal, and talk show host on the 990 All team sports radio station is a "glass half full" kind of guy. I respect that he is worth a nothing day and suddenly make it, … Mary Tyler Moore appear would be proud! Unfortunately Tieman philosophy extends to life itself at Montreal's "provincial treasure" … The Montreal Canadiens … To the point where he is pathologically optimistic about this team. "I want to see what this team can do when everyone is healthy," "Wait until Andrei Markov is coming back," "We are early in the season," "We are only 10 games, 20 games, 40games in the season," "The team is well rested after the Olympic break … And should be better "were just some of the songs often optimistic by Tieman since the first game of the 2009-2010 season used when Andrei Markov went down with a severe Injury. Injuries befell the rest of the team all season long … And we never see how this team was able "to perform and dazzle" If all was well. Now that The Canadiens made the playoffs, is the new mantra for Tieman "Anything can happen in the playoffs … you never know who may be hot!". Tieman's Battlecry be individual by another promising joint … THE MONTREAL CANADIEN FAN (ATIC)!

Montreal Canadien fans have the same positive outlook Tieman than their blind optimism is focused on one thing and only one … The hockey team. A Montreal Canadien fan can best be described as schizophrenic … Showing a love for this Team and its players are descibed (see: Alex Kovalev, Ottawa Senators) so powerful, it can manifest itself in anger … And hate (see: Saku Koivu, Anaheim Ducks). With Canadien fans, the team comes first before any individual player or a coach. If that player or coach, the unfortunate target, their frustrations, not even the mighty Bob Gainey can to rescue them from the birds boo "hiding in the shadows" … and it is very safe, that their days are numbered in Montreal. Over the coming years and go, but the team players live in the past (see :1943-1979 seasons) fame and success, as if Montreal fans believe that running a victory of the season, a playoff and to win Stanley Cup, is predestined and correct some of the fans birth!


Randy Tieman,
-Healthy or not, I think It is obvious that the Canadiens are what they are … mediocre.
-No team is ever completely healthy … So do not hold your breath.
-This is a team put together to play just good enough to make the playoffs and to appease the fan base.
-It seems that very little planned for the future (see: Scott Gomez) of the team (see: Capologist)
They are too small-forward (see: The Lollypop Guild in The Wizard Of Oz) and may therefore not compete against five five.
-The Defence (Spacek, Gill, Mara O'Byrne, Bergeron, Hamrlík) is weak and not imposing.
Andrei Markov is not as great as advertised.
Halak and Price are future stars, unfortunately, the goalkeeper controversy "has little confidence both to those done.
-Make the Playoffs really good for the city of Montreal? (See: Montreal Canadien Fans Riot, 2008,1993,1986).
-Let 's hope the Canadiens win at least one game against The Washington Capitals lose as Nos Glorieux, the row on the road.
-There is nothing wrong with optimism for the time … But over a longer period, with all that we have seen from this team, all that we hold for granted … Who's a fool who?

Singing the "Na, na, na, Goodbye" song in the first period of every game is bad timing, bad taste … and embarrassing.
Singing the "Na, na, na, goodbye "song of the April 10, 2010, with the remaining two minutes in a tie game against the Leafs, embarrassing.
Squeaking into the playoffs-type with 1 point Nos Glorieux a standing ovation for their "performance" is embarrassing.
Boos-Carey Price Canadiens in a loss, regadless is its strong performance embarrassing.
-Booed the American anthem is tasteless, ignorant, and … embarrassing.
-Faith belief that the spirits of the Montreal Forum is available … silly.
And embarrassing!
Faith that wearing the CH is the players' secret powers, "the past is … silly.
Riots in the streets of Montreal after a profit or a Loss in the playoffs takes away from the thrill or agony moment … You only have cheapened our faith … and it is damn embarrassing!
French-Canadian stars Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau and Guy Lafleur in the long retirement to stop searching so for the next "chosen one".
-As long as the Looking for a French-Canadian star management believes is the future of this team will always be questioned.
-We thought back to how proud and efficient and victorious this storied franchise was once makes us all think … One Canadien fans were spoiled.
Today, fans access to everything that a tiny, minute taste of the past glory, an eighth Place in their conference, a mediocre French Canadian players, Alex Kovalev and his similarity in style (and hair) to the Flower … have fallen as far as the Mighty (FANS).

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