Montreal Canadiens Old Arena

montreal canadiens old arena
Final game of the regular season at Mellon Arena … against the Islanders?

When I went on track and the penguins 10:09 seson glance I immediately look down the final match of the regular season to see who we play. I think it's from the islands is, and I shake my head in disbelief at. Mellon Arena is the oldest in the NHL and in his last season … the first game played was against the Montreal Canadiens, so why we are not with them? It makes absolutely no sense to me

I would have liked to go against a Philadelphia or Washington, but hey … at least the Islanders in the Atlantic. As some say it is a good can be automatic numbering win as … despite the unpredictable Pro Sport Hockey is out. Oh Well, I'm still not mad at us end of the regular season at the Mellon, who we are, than playing. But both things are not at all the big deals.

Canadiens @ Winnipeg Jets: December 5th/1992 HIGHLIGHTS Part 1/2


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