Montreal Canadiens Nhl Rumors

montreal canadiens nhl rumors
In all honesty, if Saskatchewan support a CFL team, why not an NHL franchise?

And it defies such an argument that Ottawa and Montreal have had concessions CFL come and go (well, Ottawa is still waiting), while the Canadiens and Senators of the NHL were stable members. And while I can understand why there is a call to get the NHL back in Winnipeg and Hamilton is why a lot of speculative moves in franchise heard, it makes me wonder why Saskatoon never heard in the rumors. Is it a football-only town, or is it just too small to be profitable as a hockey market?

The CFL is on a much smaller economy of scale, the salary cap is a fraction of the NHL (guys in the CFL, a micro-fraction of what a player does in the NFL). The corporate sponsorship reenues Rough Riders of the CFL get work in a business, but not the economy work in a NHL. Plus, you are talking about 90-10 home games per year in the CFL, compared to 41 games of the regular season in the NFL. As a fan it's a lot easier for the Rough Riders season ticket purchase as opposed to an NHL ticket.

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