Montreal Canadiens Kids

montreal canadiens kids
Hockey fans … How do you introduce new fans to the sport?

When I was a child, one of the coolest things, my grandfather has the I always for me was the introduction of hockey. It allows me to sit and watch him wih Hockey Night in Canada when his beloved Montreal Canadiens played, or if Edmonton (back in the Dynasty won). He told me stories about Maurice Richard, Ken Dryden, Phil Esposito, and so on. I was fascinated by it all, so that planted the seeds of the sport, that grew in my love. With this, I ask you: How do you help people, new hockey fans? What would you do / you do to them To help learn about the sport and its history?

I sat down and watched a few games with my friend sitting close by while he was playing x-box. He did not watch the full games now, he just flew over from time to time. Finally, he got interested, because as I was excited about the play-offs. He observed Play me and asked questions while we watched, we do not live so far from the Hockey Hall of Fame and I hope I can be him one day. I showed him some of my old 80's Hockey cards I collected when I was a child more and more he got interested. Then I got him for his NHL 2K5 X-Box and he was thrilled! He loved this game so much and all historical information within the extra features listed. The Sabres make the playoffs the following season and really helped. My favorite team was good so it was kind of exciting watch for him. So I think I would do the same thing that just invite someone to see about the game, whether they are truly interested, they are there on their own research to receive, ask me questions or looking up stuff on the net. If I had the money at the time I would have taken him to a game, which is of course the ultimate Hockey experience! I think hockey is one of those sports where you either love it or you hate it the first game, you see. AND I LOVE IT!

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