Montreal Canadiens Hockey Trade Rumors

montreal canadiens hockey trade rumors
Lapierre Reality Show / Kovalev / Therrien?

much of So tell from this week! First, I am disappointed in hearing all these rumors Kovalev, Do you think he will be traded Defense &? Montreal has been disappointing this season, goal tend, should check them before going for a defender or goalkeeper The start of trading away one of their best forward! Also, keep the Canadiens will fire Guy Carbonneau? if they make the playoffs not? Therrien coach of the Canadiens when they fire Carbonneau rent it back you think Therrien? I also saw my favorite player of the Canadiens and stumbled on this … No wonder he is not 100% this season! His old, but somehow I've just discovered it today!, 137 643 http://network. LOL! You are interested in reading Your comments / thoughts!

Well, I think Montreal's goaltending is good, Carey Price not bad. Now add their defense can improve in the depth that can help Carey, while a new lawyer. Montreal is probably sick Kovalev's inconsistency when it is all their best forward. But you have to also remember the damage to the Tanguay and Koivu has hurt this team tremendously. I'm not too worried about Montreal, but if they would trade Kovalev gone, she would a defense get in return. Yes, Kovalev is important that the Montreal Canadians, but I think they have enough offensive firepower to deal with him. Finally it is the defense that they need is to improve upon, their offense is just fine, if healthy. What Therrien, with coach … That would not be a bad decision at all for Montreal. As a Penguin fan, I'm pissed adopted the pen, part ways with him (he was blamed for all the screw-ups Ray's, but that is another topic). But that would be a good move, as Montreal needs a coach like Therrien. Perhaps with a coaching style as Therrien, can fire some of the players on the roster (Kovalev would be a good example).

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