Montreal Canadiens Hockey Live

montreal canadiens hockey live
do u think the Hurricanes even a chance against the Montreal Canadiens!?

I mean, who are better at Habe hockey, hurricanes have only won here A Stanley Cup, and now have the Habe as 25 won! I live in NC, but I do not care, I still root for the Habe !!!!!

As years lived in Quebec I'm flattered, we have fans in NC, and I predict the HABS is 4:2, it was a frustrating way, but we will get through. Seems that Halak played well, but we got last night is not just quality of many scoring chances.'s flattered that in NC is not exactly a traditional hockey market and many people look to the south hosers down to Quebec and, above all, that what I was getting on Bob.

Boston Bruins – Montreal Canadiens



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