Montreal Canadiens English Radio Broadcast

montreal canadiens english radio broadcast

Montreal's Team 990 – Radio Chaos

Montreal is rich with French and (some) English thatmusic radio station. There is only one station, the format is all sports, all day long – the team 990th Since its incarnation on the 7th May 2001, "The team has tried to improve the quality Montreal Sports Talk Radio give, be it hockey, baseball, soccer, etc. Over the years shows "The team" radio schedule has shifted gradually from ESPN, like Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd, with a few local shows mixed … complete a daily lineup of all the local talent and programming. By design, the vision and goals of "The Team were "probably intended themed with this natural course of a Montreal sports station. The forces, which, by unfortunate circumstance and complacency, have lost their focus in radio station. Check no further than their web site … the style and format has remained unchanged for years. Some of the shows on the website promoted, such as P for sports and Totally Broad, have been out of the air age, The Raceline Radio e-mail is not available; blogs are so old that dust is to capture the Position last updated (2007). The Web site is not my main concern, but it is a sign … a sign for an operation in the chaos! After nine years seems the team of 990 to be slipping into a state of mediocrity, one … and here is why.

Unfortunately Montreal has a real stamp on all the sports that one must have to exclusivity, which is equivalent Montreal and … Life … The Montreal Canadiens and their radio-broadcasting rights. How can a real all sports station, and after nine years, not the play of games broadcast the Canadiens? CJAD is, (the rights holder) a talk-radio station, had such a stranglehold of rights? This should be priority number one for CKGM, from day one been. The other major sports team in Montreal, the CFL's Montreal Alouettes, are also on the air … CJAD. The team has the rights for … The Quebec Major Junior Leagues Juniors de Montreal and the MLS's Montreal Impact … The consolation prizes.
What is sad in a pathetic way is, there are nights when 990 Canadiens have their pre-game show … then start broadcasting an Juniors Game. Meanwhile, the listeners have switched stations (CJAD) for the Canadiens game. How long can a station survive for a major sports team, while all rest on the edge?
The rights of the Canadiens and Alouettes, regardless of what is lost in the mix is the exclusive interviews, inheriting their rights CJAD. The team ends up with generic media scrum interviews and tidbits of gossip.
To be fair, his 990 has the broadcasting rights of the Montreal Expos and has a phenominal job Coverage of the team. We all know what happened to the Expos in '04 and in many ways, has never recovered from 990 of the huge gap that their emigration … not created the Loch mention in the summer schedule.
If the team not to receive these rights within a year or two, 990 on the clock dial can play tunes by Slim Whitman Conway Twitty and … Country music is a prerequisite in any format change.
Mediocre broadcasters and TALENT
Yes, the team has some talented and unique Broadcasters – Mitch Melnick, Elliott Price, Denis Casavant and Rod Francis – all in a position to find work in any market. They all have one thing in common … Radio savvy and expertise. On the team, which is more the exception than the rule. Many of the on-air talent is not "ready for prime time" or, in the case of a broadcaster, just disgusting. Let's evaluate the "other" main actors:
– Sean Starr: Talks a good game, if you can understand him. For some reason, feels Starr, that is, They speak more quickly are interesting. Talking fast will usually stumble and mispronounciations words. Maybe it's those damn vowels, give him fits. Whatever it is, I just get frustrated, hearing his voice … and lose focus as a listener. Starr has some interesting details about the statistics, but it should cover clich├ęs overused as to lose, "bring the sexy" … pleeease!
Grade: C-
– Tony Marinaro:
Ted Tevan want, less of a personality. Monday morning quarterback, if there ever was one. "I have predicted that last week" is a common line used by Tony, as if his career will explode, because he was right to a profit or loss prediction. Fine … bravo Tony! You're a genius. A prediction wrong? Suddenly he turns into The Fonz (I was wwwrrron … no, can not tell). Canadiens win, you get ready for the Stanley Cup, losing it, it is with personal Marinaro. He picks on players with a cruelty adjacent to immature. At the beginning of the Canadiens' season was Scott Gomez struggling with his game. For weeks Marinaro had a schtick where he would call out: Scoott! Gomez! Boy Come here! Where are you? It is the goal! (How the call was for a dog) The routine borderline racist and suddenly (stopped mamagement?). There is nothing wrong with controversial and edgy, but when do the motives of the person, so spirited and hateful, selfish and egotistical to stop and talk about people … You know Tony Marinaro only takes care of Tony Marinaro … each other is a threat to his career. Why so insecure, Tony?
Grade: D-
Sean Campbell: Campbell knows his sports and can talk … and talk … and talk. It has, can he speak. With Campbell, can turn a sentence in a chapter very quickly. If a person has informed it sets the listener in a trance and in the zone out happens. You hear, but … not really. All you think about what you can "man when he goes to his" Phrase "the end"? Rates? Condense, reduce … talk to stop. Hope it changes because Campbell is actually an amazing talent … But sometimes talk less (is) more.
Note: C +
Andie Bennett: Seems like a sweet person, but perhaps their talents are best served in another medium. Mainstream Sport is not their strength. Bennett covers the Canadiens practice and makes the sports updates on Melnick's afternoon drive show. She asks a lot of questions about sports, but not much of an opinion or interesting thoughts. After seven years at work, I do not feel that it has improved on their sports knowledge. Research Some sports story or watch the DVD on the Canada-Russia '72 series … or something. Give the audience something interesting. But please, tell me not mean that your Andie Bennett best qualified person to meet the Montreal Canadiens. Once again, the audience is cheated quality sports coverage.
Note: D-
Personality: A
Legitimate business interests, or tax right?
CTV Globe Media has seen this radio as a viable cash generator, or simply only one exemption? CTV has the team is in possession of 990 since June '07 and in that time there was no evidence of under 990 to the next level as a broadcaster. Advertising for events and shows aired weeks after the fact, sound clips and computer sounds spontaneously come into the middle of programs, shit the site; on air talent, no Signs of improvement or correction broadcast from bad habits, such as the use of "words" like. "Uh," "Um" "How" and "I mean" between the right words. Is anyone coaching this person or is 990 satisfied with the status quo? The record shows so … yes yes.

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