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Directv customers get during hockey season stroke

The Patriots to Super Bowl wins in 2001, 2003 and 2004. The Red Sox are Champs in 2004 to win and 2007 and the Boston Celtics in last place, the championship in 2008. This leaves us with the Bruins, the only team not to take home a championship to be so far. After I, as well as they bet that the Montreal Canadiens in last year's playoffs. I have a feeling that this is the year that Zdeno Chara drinks of beer that Stanley Cup. There is only one small problem … I will not be able to watch it!
Here is my story. Earlier this year, DirecTV came to me and said … "We may have the most sports programming of any of our competitors." As in Boston, I said "Gotta have my sports! Where do I sign?" So, If I was the first time I like it, that's great! I have the NFL Sunday Ticket, and it gave me every football game that played on Sunday. Could I switch back and forth check out the Pat's game out, what else was going on around the NFL. Then I thought, I just blow $ 300 to check out scores? I could happen that on ESPN. Unless you are John Madden and have 12 TVs can be used in the living room, you can not watch every game. Think I will not do that again next year! So I sucked it up and dished out $ 300 for nothing.
Now do not make me wrong, I love the Patriots, Bruins, but I bleed black and gold! Hockey season is my Favorite Season. not admit that they have had a championship in a while, but I love her! Here in Boston we are not like those little smelly, dirty, stupid New York weirdoes were when their team badly they fire the coach does not! Anyway … I love hockey, and if I want my hockey, that when I draw the line!
Last night was the season opener for the Bruins. I was so excited. I threw my Patrice Bergeron Jersey ordered a pizza, grabbed some snacks, sat down with my friends, I turned on the Versus network and … nothing! All I saw was a big DirecTV logo that said "Sorry for the inconvenience, but no more DirecTV carries the Versus Network. WHAT! Inconvenience? This was not just an inconvenience, it was an abomination.
So, after I stopped crying, I gave my good Friends at DirecTV a call. They told me that Comcast Versus Network and DirecTV, the owners were charging them too much money to air the network. You mean to tell me that DirecTV can pay $ 750 million U.S. dollars for NFL Sunday Ticket so stupid but you will not spend the money for Versus? The lady on the phone then tried to sell me NHL Center Ice. It's just like the NFL Sunday Ticket, but with hockey, but because the Bruins a local team those games would be "Darken". Some, like DirecTV, it made so that I could not even pay to watch the Bruins.

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