Montreal Canadiens Bedding

montreal canadiens bedding
Are the Canadiens an overrated hockey team?

They were the # 1 seed, but they choked against the injury-riddled Bruins, the Series had no business forcing that through 7 games. Then they totally sh – the bed against the Flyers in the second round. The Montreal fans are loud and arrogant, but the ice home does not help the Habs seemed very much in the playoffs, especially against the Flyers. BTW, congratulations to Philly fans. You guys deserve it. I'm looking for the roots Flyers to win the Cup.

You must be an arrogant Habs fan …. Did you watch a game or are you just all out of thin air? The Habs dubbed the flyers they have not suffocate, unfortunately, our goalkeeper have. The Flyers had an excellent goalkeeper and why they are where they are to do at this point. But .. it is now done, and the Flyers won it fair and square. And it is because of people like this, why I had not come for several days …. as for the Habs fans … Do you drink do quite sure like our beer, is not it?


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