Montreal Canadiens Arenas

montreal canadiens arenas

Montreal – Canada

Montreal is the second largest city in the country considered. The city's name comes from a hill, the triple peak is named as Mont-Royal, and is derived Located in the heart of Montreal. The island, located on the Montreal, was to use, as the name of the hill are called. After the 2006 Census statistics Montreal was home to some 1,620,693 people. The figure makes Montreal's sixth largest city in the overall standings of the whole of Canada and the United States of America. The metropolitan region, which is commonly known as Greater Montreal, had about 3,635,571 inhabitants in 2006. Commonly spoken languages in the city is French according to some polls and is considered Montreal as the second largest French speaking city in the world, behind only Paris.

Geographical location of the town is the province Quebec in Canada. Montreal is also the city capital of the province. Montreal city covers a large part of the Montreal Iceland. The Mount Royal, from which derived the name of the city is 232m high.

The climatic conditions of the city are very moist, Montreal comes in different climatic regions. The city is in the summer from April to mid-September, as after September the temperature starts to drop. Rain and snow are in abundance in the city. The month of July is the hottest month and increase the temperature may even up to 30 degrees in the day. Strangely, according to the statistics of the summer season, enjoy the most rainfall, but at the same time also receives maximum number of Sun is shining. The winters are very chilly and cold. The coldest months of winter is seen in January, where most of the time the temperature below 0 degrees. Summers are also very humid, but the winter is very cold because the cool factor breeze and snowfall. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the city believed to -37.8 degrees.

Montreal economically a very strong city, and also the second largest economy in the province of Quebec is recognized. Montreal is also the second place among all other cities Canada. According to 2005 statistics Montreal GDP was about $ 120 billion. The growth of the city is quickly increase rapidly by the GDP of the city on a daily basis. The City was also home to Montreal Stock Exchange. Montreal main revenue sources include the areas of trade, technology, culture and finance. The city is also home to the home of some of the largest multinational companies that include IBM and Air Canada.

Hockey is the most popular sport in the city. There are a number of ice hockey arena in Montreal, the daily host ice hockey events. The city itself is the "Montreal Canadiens", representing the National Hockey League (NHL) in the competition. Other than ice hockey other major sport in the city are believed to be basketball and baseball.

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