Montreal Canadiens Alternate Jerseys

montreal canadiens alternate jerseys
What are your views on Collingwood's attitude to alternative jerseys?

I feel that Collingwood should get with the program and get a date Jersey change, not just a jumper, and black is white compared to black and white. Sporting Clubs twenty times as large as Collingwood and many are as old alternate jerseys (Manchester United, Arsenal, Montreal Canadiens to name a few), but I am interested in your opinion. Prost!

Someone has a booth at to make subject. been in the past 100 years there is a problem, why has not right now. I even have my Essedon Richmond and relatives heard about it, complained that contribute to another jumper and why cannot their club, to say the trailer and no. I have seen many games where the conditions were such that it is quite difficult to say, except one, as was the mud they shall be not to mention the color of the soil, change 2 games where the referees wore colors are almost identical to one of the teams. Anyway, if teams want big change, if they dont then it should be. Our teams are not at Sun AFL football, which is to do the football team their business and taking an alternate jumper, a good exercise merchandising themselves more money out of Die Hard fans, both jumper so that the best you can the want to take the game will be con. I do most of the alternative jumper like I should go for it all back to their best colors and happy in the long run.

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