Habs Hockey Players

habs hockey players
This is for all the Toronto Maple Leaf fans out there! Ducks or Sens?

I am a huge fan leaves and I'm lost, I really, who wants to win the Stanley Cup .. I want to Game 7, but I know not who I want to win. the Ducks have more Canadian players but then the Sens Sens are a Canadian Team … but I despise them. It would win for a Canadian team nice cup. I really wanted to win the flames … they were knocked out, then the Canucks, and then they were knocked out. The Habs were the last Canadian team in 91 think I win. I was shocked when the Sens lost Game 1 and 2, but I do not think that i dont care who wins as long as there is good hockey. So what about all leaf fans out there …. Who Do U Want to the Stanley Cup, winning the Ottawa Senators or the Anaheim Ducks?

I took the ducks at the start and I'm with them, and here is why put. Brian Burke may not be a Canadian but he knows and has declared open, you can not win a Stanley Cup with a team full of Europeans. You have these hard grinding Canadian guys in your lineup. You see, what it is, this team did in two years, he poured all six defenders off and has two of the best in the game. He traded in and got Fedorov Beauchemin than throw in. When he found no Canadians on D and now there is a sixth He loved Giguere and MacDonald and PĂ„hlsson whom he says as he plays away from Sudbury is not Sweden, but almost all other players. He signed Selanne cheap and was rewarded for his risk. He threw Babcock as coach and put Carlyle, because Randy would play the club to win the Canadian Hockey-style Burke knew would be a cup for the Ducks. He is rewarded on Wednesday night for it. As a leaf fan I could almost never cheer for the Sens, I'd rather eat broccoli. The Ducks only make it easy for me to cheer for them. You have to be exactly the kind of team the Leafs.

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