Habs Hockey Game

habs hockey game
Ice hockey is a family affair?

Okay, so I just had the Rangers / Habs game on my Maw Maw-house on Sunday, when my Paw-Paw said: "The makes no sense to me … They are easy to kill that ball around in circles and they do not come from somewhere. "So made that I wonder – how many of you have grown men with hockey a deeply rooted part of your family tradition? (How do you know your parents are fans, their parents are fans, parents were their fans …) or are you a first-generation hockey fans? As for me, I'm something of a fan of the first generation … I just started on TV when I was little and I loved it and my incessant (obsessive), it observed eventually led to my parents take the time to understand it, and now they love it too. So? Your personal family history hockey? Haha, but most of the time before my family environment, I'm just the clocks that oddball hockey.

So …. bout when I was 14 my parents took me to my first hockey game. At that time there the Colorado Rockies (as before the baseball team had lost to Denver) you liked the game and we went often got sold to the team. I was a little with the hockey bug and always went to games in which city I lived in. I am currently Colorado Avs fan …. I took my son to his first game when he was bout 10th Prior to that time had I kept trying to get him to play hockey, but he had no interest. Once he saw the AVS to play a rock hard game he asked me in the car on the way back home if he could learn to play hockey. He is currently on his high school team and is also a hard core Avs Fan! So – three generations of his journey so far in my family. Since we from New Mexico and we have to say no NHL team thats a lot! lol.

HR27-Best Hockey Game of Habs 2005-06



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