Habs’ 100th Season Ends

Golf, anyone?An eighth straight loss overall and fourth straight in the playoffs to the Boston Bruins saw the Montreal Canadiens eliminated in what turned out to be a very tough game to watch. Andrei Kostitsyn notched his first of the playoffs only 39 seconds in to the game, giving me and every Habs’ fan in the building and watching from home a breath of hope that maybe, just maybe, we could pull it off. The Bruins replied with two goals before the end of the period and another two in the second to take Montreal down 4-1, ending their season.

The game’s highlights ranged from predictably soft play on the part of most of the team to several shows of disappointment towards the team in general. The crowd took to chanting “Carey, Carey” after Price let in the fourth goal and offered him a sarcastic cheer when he stopped a 90′ shot, prompting him to raise his arms to the crowd in a mock show of gratitude and leaving everyone wondering just how well the 21-year-old will hold up over the summer. Things progressed steadily, culminating in some of the Bell Centre crowd treating Les Boys to random garbage thrown on the ice before finally offering a short ovation as they made their way off the ice.

All in all, not exactly a fitting end to what was expected (or at least hoped) to be a much more productive season in the team’s 100th year. I’ll be posting two pieces over the next few days, the first detailing the sour season itself and the second looking ahead at what needs to be done to get the club back on track for 2009-2010.

In the meantime, keep believing – thrown refuse and rattling a young goaltender in his final loss of the season can be great fun (and let’s face it, “classy” or not, the boys get paid more then enough to buy themselves something nice today and forget all about it) but at the end of the day, these guys currently represent our team and we owe ourselves better then to fume and hate. A new season approaches and we all know this will be a busy off-season for the Habs.

Go Habs Go!



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