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True Fan? Maybe I’m Not

What is this “true fan” nonsense I’m always reading about? Until I moved my Habs fandom online to sites like this I thought that I was a consumer purchasing a product. I understand the idea of loyalty but my loyalty lies first with my dollars, then with a logo. I pay money, be it for tickets, Centre Ice, merchandise or whatever, with the expectation that the return on my dollars is good entertainment.

I’m constantly bombarded with comments from fans here and especially on saying things like “I bleed red, white and blue”, etc – while I admire the committment, I think some fans need to realize their position. It goes something like this:

Molson family –> Pierre Boivin –> Gauthier –> JM –> Players –> Us

The Molsons get rich, Boivin gets rich, Gauthier gets rich, JM gets rich, the players get rich and we continue to dish out dollars for an inferior product simply because it makes us better fans somehow? Being a fan of professional sports is no different then then being a consumer of any other product; sometimes you need to demand more, and make a change if more isn’t coming.

Who or what exactly do you feel loyal to? I’ll tell you this much: if there were a viable NHL alternative vying for my fandom, I’d consider it. Unfortunately, as an east coaster, I’m limited to Trawna, Ottawa and the Habs. Give Atlantic Canada a team tomorrow and I’ll forget my 25 years as a Habs fan mighty quick.

Types of Habs Fans

Habs LogoThe Habs are playing worse than badly lately and the pressure being put on the team by the fans in the form of booing at games and media pressure is quickly ramping up. I, for one, am sick of people calling the fans who are booing “bad fans” or “bandwagon jumpers”. The way I see it, there are two types of fan where Les Habitants are concerned:

1. Emo Fans: These fans insist that this player or that player is excellent through thick and thin and praises the Canadiens organization for all moves, good and bad. This type of fan can be heard saying things like “I bleed for the Habs” or, following a loss or otherwise negative outcome, “I feel empty inside”. These fans are as unreasonably infatuated with the CH as many preteen girls are with boy bands.

2. Logical Fans: Logical fans make up a minority of Canadiens fans. They can be recognized by their general understanding that, while passion is important and the team has deep meaning for us as fans of the CH, business is business and reality is reality. When logical fans attend a game at the Bell Centre they realize that they pay to be entertained by a strong effort at the very least. Logical fans are more than happy to boo the team following a lackluster performance, just as I’d have words for a chef who served me only 3/4 of my plate. Logical fans can also be easily spotted by their discerning critique of players, plays, coaching stuff, et al.

It’s a business folks – if I keep having to listen to the emo fans tell me that I’m a bad fan for being angry at not receiving the product I was promised by the organization that takes my money so readily – well, there’s nothing I can do but I don’t like it at all!

These guys make bigger dollars then most or all of us could hope for. I handle bigger pressures in my daily life then those guys face on the ice – they’re paid to do a job, they need to do it. I have yet to work in a position where someone wasn’t judging the work I did and that someone is typically the person who pays me. We pay them, gratuitously.

They are mine to boo, and boo I shall.

Why Kovalev Needs to Go

Alex KovalevThough we managed to play quite badly without him against the Islanders last night, here are a few thoughts on why Kovy needs to find a new home this summer; sorry Alex, it had to be said.

  • Even while I was concerned last night about the effectiveness of the powerplay I was far less nervous breaking out of our own zone knowing that the “artiste” wouldn’t be one-manning it up the middle for yet another classic Kovy giveaway.
  • Though we see the same ugly mistakes from some of our other players, guys like Matt D’Agostini are 20-something kids making $500,000 a year because they are still developing. Kovy is a 36 year old whiner who makes nine times that amount. I can live with Dags making a few bad plays every few games – to watch Kovy do the same every game (along with his undisciplined penalties, ugly retaliations and complete lack of effort) rots me to my core.
  • Talent – Effort = Lots of liabilities and the odd pretty play
  • Kovalev is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the most valuable player on our club. He is always the most talented player on the ice but he is rarely, if ever, my pick as a game-changer at the end of the day. It may not be any other one name consistently but you can bet that it isn’t Kovalev (unless we’re talking about negative game-changers in which case I have a whole cupboard full of trophies for Alex “C Me Or Else” Kovalev).
  • Kovalev played much better last season then this present one but what is the difference-maker between the two seasons? If it’s health and Gainey and company were aware of it before March 4th then they simply needed to add a replacement. If it’s effort (and I think we can all agree that effort plays the largest role) then he needs to be gone. Still, even when Kovy was playing well last year his selfishness continued. How many times does a guy put his own team on the ropes with untimely retaliatory slashes and one-man-team giveaways before we stop kissing his behind?

/end rant :)

Mats Sundin Sucks

Mats SundinApparently $5 million USD isn’t enough to buy the Vancouver Canucks a win these days. With the all too apparent sucking of Mats Sundin, the Canucks are now in a financial hole and with 8 straight losses to show for it. The playoffs are starting to look like a vague hope and Vancouver has already begun looking like a group of suckers who fell for Sundin’s hype.

The Vancouver Sun has a great article on all that is wrong with the Canucks at the moment, namely Sundin. Click here for the story!

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