Canadiens Hockey Players

canadiens hockey players
I keep hearing how they are a great hockey, bad Influence on and wonder how their behavior is next to the ice that up to the team, uh, what is her name ….. oh, the sublime Canadiens?

Zap: The real story is that the ref made him the first one for free, he did not get the punishment until he beat him instead of his wallet a second time. Bill: The best we have on Saturday. I have to catch a question DaPuzzo Downie's skate in the face. People were mentioning the possibility of the arrival suspended Downie. Most of them said he should not be, but just the fact that once they hear his name, they automatically think suspension. The truth is that the Flyers are really not so bad if it matters. I think they actually expect as the bad boy reputation and not me, that they ever go their way to change that impression.

Montreal Canadiens 2007-2008 Player Introductions



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