Canadiens Hockey Olympics

canadiens hockey olympics
Who’s with me that a Canadiens v Bruins and Wings v Blackhawks conference finals would be awesome!?

I think it would be great for hockey and the NHL! Boston v Montreal, the best rivalry historically speaking only behind the Toronto v Montreal rivalry. Then the heated Detroit v Chicago rivalry in the West. I think it would be great for the NHL to have these teams head to head in the conference finals because they are such great and historical rivalries, and all four teams are part of the Original Six. As an old school slappy, Im not much into the expansion of the NHL especially in the southern US (cuz I feel that really hurt the NHL), I think that with these conference finals matchups along with what happened in the Olympics this year with that amazing USA v Canada game, the NHL just may rebound. What are your takes?

I’m with you all the way on this one pal!!




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