Canadiens Fire Carbo

Bye Carbo!In a move that continues perfectly the drama that has been our centennial season, Bob Gainey announced yesterday that he would be coaching the team starting immediately with the firing of Guy Carbonneau. This latest debacle comes amidst the already growing list of Habitants problems both on and off the ice.

I’ll say this: I supported Carbo fully despite he strange choices of late-game players, powerplay specialists, etc. His communications skills were obviously not cutting it considering the trouble with Kovalev and other key players seemingly unable to perform. But, considering the fact that Bob Gainey created this lackluster team and gave it his apparent vote of confidence only days ago by acquiring only the dead remains of the Philadelphia Flyers and trying to pass it off as a trade that would improve our team, this move smells like bullshit to me.

Carbo should be held accountable. So should the 20+ over-paid babies that glide around the ice being non-productive (and counter-productive). And so should Bob Gainey, the same man who told us only a few months ago that hiring Carbo was the smartest decision he ever made.

Bad move Bob; you’ve made the Canadiens’ organization look foolish all season and this is simply icing on the cake.



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